Oxygen Administration - An Instructors View

Some of our members are currently doing their Dive Leader training, a large part of which is covered by the Skill Development Course, Oxygen Administration. I was asked to run the course and we eventually settled on a date, which was advertised around the club and with our friends in SubC. We got 6 students, 4 wanting to do the full qualification and 2 who wanted to do it as their Dive Leader training.

Scapa Flow at Last

This was a place I’d wanted to visit for many years, ever since I was first introduced to diving with a previous dive club nearly 30 years ago. Listening to the tales from people who’d been I thought I want to do that but never getting the chance to go along, being told the dives were too deep, very challenging and dangerous for me. Heck how are you supposed to get the experience then!

Ireland here we come

A club trip over to the south West Coast of Ireland in 2013 staying on the Dingle Peninsular proved to be similar to planning a mini expedition. First of all how to get there and secondly how to get all the gear over safely!

Organising this trip as part of our Advanced Diver qualification I took on the accommodation and getting there and Wayne Horner co-ordinated the dive gear and personal luggage with Steve Slade.

We looked at best options for getting there, some decided to travel by ferry whilst the remainder decided to fly.