Oxygen Administration 2015

Oxygen Administration - An Instructors View

Some of our members are currently doing their Dive Leader training, a large part of which is covered by the Skill Development Course, Oxygen Administration. I was asked to run the course and we eventually settled on a date, which was advertised around the club and with our friends in SubC. We got 6 students, 4 wanting to do the full qualification and 2 who wanted to do it as their Dive Leader training.

The first thing to sort was the venue and this was organised by Mike (along with refreshments) at a very reasonable rate. Next, the instructors, I put out a request for qualified instructors who were willing and available, asking them to express preferences for what they would like to teach. With a good response to this I could then put a timetable together. With a timetable agreed (after a few modifications) next was the equipment, Oxygen administration and Resuscitation dummies, which are looked after by Neil and Evelyn. We need to recover our costs for this course which were the oxygen fills and the BSAC Course packs. Once these were calculated I could then put out joining instructions for the students so that they had enough info about the course beforehand. (It was at this stage that those doing the full qualification found out that there was an exam at the end). Finally before we could deliver the course, the instructors all had to do an Oxygen Administration Refresher so that we could check that our skills were up-to-date and we had the latest training updates as techniques are evolving continually. We were a little bit stretched for time for this but we managed to squeeze it in 2 days before the course.

With all this preparation done, I found that the course itself was fun to teach and I think everyone got quite a lot out of the day. It has many practical elements to it, so students had to do refreshers on Basic Life Support, Rescue Breaths, Cardiac Compressions, Recovery Position, Casualty Assessment as well as setting up the Oxygen Administration Equipment and using it as first aid on casualties. The theory supports this covering some of the elements above as well as the benefits of Oxygen for a whole range of diving disorders. It was good to see the students doing so well with the practical elements and all those doing the exam passed it - so they knew the theory as well. We benefit by having 6 new members qualified to use the oxygen equipment in first aid situations.

I would like to thank all the instructors who taught on the day Mike Littler, Hilary Boliss, Neil Turner and Evelyn Turner along with Mike Court for organising the venue. I would also like to thank the students who by taking the course give us more options to cope in the possible event of an emergency. I would finally have to say that these skills are emergency skills that can get rusty without practice, so we do try to plan refreshers and new courses and it is great that our members participate in them.

Photos for Oxygen Administration Course